Technical Analysis EUR/USD 23 December


Today’s technical analysis is on December 23, the EUR / USD pair is dominated by a bearish sentiment to complete the consolidation in the Asian session, at strong resistance levels of 1.10910 - 1.11225; therefore, it is advisable to wait for the breakdown of a strong support level, which can open the way to levels 1.10435 - 1.09630 within the framework of the London and New York Sessions.

Thus, the best opportunities for placing deals can be initiated before or during the London session from 1.10695 where the Fibonacci levels indicate. The MACD histogram is still located in the negative zone and below its signal line, continues to decline rapidly and thereby gives a sell signal. Stochastic Oscillator has gone out of the oversold zone and is generating the opposite signal. In an alternative scenario, you should wait for the breakdown of the strong resistance level of 1.11015, then the levels of 1.11415 - 1.11520 will become the goal of investors.

In fact, today's expected important economic news in particular can lead to significant volatility of key pairs, this can stimulate a significant movement to fluctuations during the London and New York sessions. This allows investors to take advantage of the Buy / Sell transactions from minimum / maximum levels throughout the day.

EUR / USD analysis

Current price: 1.10800

Resistance Level 1: 1.10910
Resistance Level 2: 1.11015
Resistance Level 3: 1.11120
Resistance Level 4: 1.11225

Support Level 1: 1.10695
Support Level 2: 1.10580
Support Level 3: 1.10475
Support Level 4: 1.10370