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MaximusFX offers binary option trading - Maximus Binary. It is a financial instrument with a fixed price and a predetermined amount of potential earnings, known as Payout. When trading binary options, a buyer makes a projection at the time of the purchase, whether the price of the asset will go Up or Down. If the forecast is accurate, the buyer will gain profit, on the other hand, if the forecast is not correct, the risks are only equal to the cost of the binary.

Why binary options are popular:

Easy to trade

All the trader needs to do is to open a trade, select type of binary option and to predict the direction of the price movement: Up or Down.

High potential profitability

Payouts can reach up to 180% of the original investment!

Low deposit required

The minimum amount required to start trading on Maximus Binary platform is only $10, making it easily accessible to the traders.

You always know how much you can earn

For any binary option at AximusBinary, payout level is given in advance. The size of the potential binary option remuneration is directly proportional to the investment amount.

Predicted risk

When trading binary options, the risks and earnings are clearly displayed before the deal is made. This information is automatically calculated in the AximusBinary platform.

Example of a Binary Option trade

Let's suppose, you think that price for currency pair EUR/USD will go up during trading session in the Forex market and you decide to buy a binary with the Long position (BUY/UP).

If your prediction was correct, and the price went up, then with deposit amount of 100 USD Payout will be 80% from the initial investment, or 80 USD. Total result from this trade will be 180 USD (your initial investments + profit). The higher your initial investment - more profits are in your pocket! Maximum bid amount of a single transaction at Maximus Binary is 5000 USD.

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1. Profitability of binary options trading, as well as income opportunity with the above example are not to be considered as a future guarantee of income.
2. Demo trading via AximuFX trading platform allows clients to open deals in real market conditions online without any risk of capital.

Asset Index

Maximus Binary trading platform is very simple and convenient for any investor interested in fast returns. MaximusFX offers a big variety of binary options to satisfy every trader’s needs. Nonetheless, if you did not find what your were looking for, MaximusFX will take into consideration your demand and will offer a product exclusively for you. Thus, MaximusFX is the only company in the industry, which has an individual and flexible approach to every client.



In any financial foreign exchange market, all currency pairs and the value of one currency expressed in its relation to the other. The base currency - is considered to be the currency in which currency pairs (Example: EURUSD) is in first place (example: EUR), the currency that follows it (example: USD) is called - quote or based currency. The currency pair’s influence on each other, but their size and correlation will change in line with the fluctuations in the market.

* Short instructions of Maximus Binary options trading you can find here


An index, it’s a statistical measure of change in an economy or stock market value. In Financial markets, an index represents an imaginary portfolio of different securities for particular market or a percentage of it. Each index has its own calculation formulas that shows change from the base value.

Driving factors

1. Cost and price factors that have an impact on indices - financial reports of companies, company brand popularity, economical performance and other major news in the country (storms, war, ecology, unemployment, etc).

2. Indices and stocks has significant trading influence on each other and therefore have high correlation.

3. Economic indicators and fundamental news of the country have a direct impact on the rates of the indices.

Psychological indicators

Relativity the correlation between stocks and indices have an influence on public confidence, which will have direct impact on the trading potential for indices and stocks. Indices express companies’ performance and profitability in a specific country and shows to the investors more broad detail picture of country’s economic stability.

* Short instructions of Maximus Binary options trading you can find here


Various goods are referred commodities that can be traded with other goods. Commodities are divided into two sub categories:

a) coffee, corn, sugar, etc. – categorize as light industry products;

b) gold, silver and oil which are extracted through mining - categorize as heavy industry products.

Driving Factors

All commodities fall under the law of supply and demand, any changes will have a direct impact of their quantitative state. Price is set according to quantity, at the same time the state of the USA dollar also affects their value.

* Short instructions of Maximus Binary options trading you can find here


A type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation's assets and earnings.

Driving factors

The main factors affecting the movement and price of shares:

  • Company overall performance results (banks, corporations, etc) (Example: sales statistic, profit reports, CEO and members of the board activities and so on)
  • Publics’ Opinion - frequently, traders are driven by confidence or fear. When the company's profits and reputation grows, public opinion grows in parallel and it increases the company value and the value of the shares accordingly.
  • Competition - the progressiveness of a competitor often destroys success chances of the company where you have chosen shares. (For Example: Today, the popularity and sales success technology from Samsung increased its share growth, but at the same time reduced the growth and value of shares of Phillips).

* Short instructions of Maximus Binary options trading you can find here

Binary Options Trading Instruments

MaximusFX offers its customers an excellent selection of instruments to use for binary options trading. Each trading instrument of your choice has its unique benefits and features that you can use depending on your trading strategy.

AximusBinary: Digital (Standard)

AximusBinary trading platform lets you choose Call/Put (Above/Below). Every client of MaximusFX has the opportunity to predict whether the market price of the selected asset will be Above or Below the current market price.

Call - option (Above) - at the time of the binary option expiration, the price must be higher Call (Above) from opening market price.

Put - option (Below) - at the time of the binary option expiration, the price must be lower Put (Below) from the opening market price.

Maximus Binary Turbo (Turbo)

Turbo Call

Turbo Put

AximusBinary Turbo Option has a time interval up to 1 minute. This is the main advantage of this method, as it allows you to make profits instantly with the speed of Turbo. The speed and immediate results that are brought by Maximus Binary Turbo saves your time.

AximusBinary Touch (Touch)

Touch Up

Touch Down

When trading Maximus Binary Touch (Touch) option, the market price must touch the upper or the lower value limits before the expiry time of an option.

AximusBinary Range (Range)

Range Out (predicting uptrend in a limited range)

Range In (predicting downtrend in a limited range)

Maximus Binary Range (Range) option method is the following: upon the expiration of binary option the target price of the option should be within the range (if Range In option selected) or to go outside the price range (if the Range Out option selected).

* Short instructions of AximusBinary options trading can be found here

Trade bids starting from 10 USD, expiration time from one minute at the level of Payout up to 180%1 allows traders to maximize and make trading strategy most effective.

Account Deposit currency Minimum deposit Payout Instruments Expiration time Contract size, USD
MaximusBinary USD 10 USD Up to 180%* 40 From 1 minute to 24 hours from 10 to 5 0002

Contract specifications

Select base asset to start your binary options trading using AximusBinary platform. Traders can select one of the 40 currency pairs, silver or gold(3). Trading hours are around the clock from Monday 00:00 (EET) until Friday to 23:59 (EET). During trading feel free to use market analysis from MaximusFX to maximize your profits.

Base assets

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Base assets Payout
AUDCAD Up to 180%
AUDCHF Up to 180%
AUDJPY Up to 180%
AUDNZD Up to 180%
AUDUSD Up to 180%
CADCHF Up to 180%
CADJPY Up to 180%
CHFJPY Up to 180%
EURAUD Up to 180%
EURCAD Up to 180%
EURCHF Up to 180%
EURGBP Up to 180%
EURJPY Up to 180%
EURNZD Up to 180%
EURUSD Up to 180%
GBPAUD Up to 180%
GBPCAD Up to 180%
GBPCHF Up to 180%
GBPJPY Up to 180%
GBPNZD Up to 180%
GBPUSD Up to 180%
NZDCAD Up to 180%
NZDCHF Up to 180%
NZDJPY Up to 180%
NZDUSD Up to 180%
USDCAD Up to 180%
USDCHF Up to 180%
USDJPY Up to 180%
USDCNH Up to 180%
XAGUSD Up to 180%
XAUUSD Up to 180%
DE30 Up to 180%
F40 Up to 180%
JP225 Up to 180%
UK100 Up to 180%
US2000 Up to 180%
US30 Up to 180%
US500 Up to 180%
BRENT Up to 180%
WTI Up to 180%


^Payout or potential profitability of the option is expressed in the percentage of the payment from the investing amount that the trader will receive, if prediction came true. The size of potential profit from the binary option is not fixed and depends on market conditions only. In case of low liquidity or unexpected markets moves trading conditions are subject to be changed, some types of binary options or separate time frames may be not available.

^Total amount of bids on contracts within same account cannot exceed 5000 USD

^ Maximum number of trading operations per trader - 20.

* With the investment amount of $ 100. If the option expired with the payment, amount of payment equal to $ 180.

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