MaximusFX is proud to cooperate with Hartswell Capital Management Inc as a reputable and trustful business partner for many years. All clients of MaximusFX have a great opportunity to invest in Hartswell Capital’s strategy and achieve successful results. Hartswell Capital will trade 24 hours a day, you don’t have to spend a minute of your valuable time for trading or analysis, Hartswell Capital will make profit, while you relaxing with your family!

About Hartswell Capital Management:

Hartswell Capital is a boutique absolute return manager led by a multiple Award Winning Portfolio Manager specializing in systematic, technical and fundamental investment strategies in a Global Macro setting focused on currencies, both emerging and major markets with dynamic risk-management being the foundation of all strategies.

With no lock-in periods and restrictions placed on client funds, clients have 24/7 access to their funds while consistently aiming for above average yields on their investment.

One of the main advantages of the Hartswell Capital Management’s MP-1 strategy is that the strategy itself has proven a lack of correlation with global indices, equities, commodities, property, as well as government treasuries, thus making It an admirable diversification tool to any investor’s portfolio strategy.


Hartswell Capital Management’s objective is to deliver attractive, positive absolute returns in all market conditions through its systematic management. Hartswell Capital Management’s emphasis is to generate long term capital growth by maintaining a well-diversified exposure to a wide range of global currencies, thus creating an absolute return.

  • Hartswell Capital aims for positive absolute returns over rolling 12 month periods throughout all market conditions
  • Hartswell Capital is a firm believer that proper active risk management is the absolute most important influence in any strategy.
  • A solid performance track record since inception while exhibiting low volatility and high risk-adjusted returns.
  • A technically, fundamentally, and systematic approach always looks to exploit any short term tactical inefficiencies in a generally efficient market.

Trading Strategy & Methodology:

Hartswell Capital uses the combination of diverse trading strategies as well as money management/risk management techniques that only experience and institutional level participation can provide. It is quite imperative to note ahead of time that we adapt each strategy to existing and current market conditions since no strategy exists that will be profitable during all market conditions at all times. In addition to managing our strategic entry points, Hartswell Capital also adapts itself to market conditions to ensure that its trading decisions are based on factors that move the market at that specific time.

Investment Strategy:

MP-1 trading strategy looks to recognize naturally evolving price movements which are present in most market conditions, whether that is volatile, nonvolatile or trending, the three important components of a market environment looked for. These price movements are composed of numerous proprietary formulations in which can be identify through the use of a proprietary blend using, but not limited to the following: Moving Averages (MA5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200), Relative Strength Index, Stochastic oscillators, and MACD, with filters such as ADX, Time of Day, News Impact, Fibonacci, Pivot Points, Support/Resistance, Candlestick patterns amongst others which Hartswell Capital consider to be proprietary formulas developed strictly for the use of the MP-1 strategy.

  • The algorithm trades 24 hours a day to ensure that all possible market moves are captured within the allotted parameters and the active strategies in the MP-1 The risk exposure can be adjusted to investor specifications and risk desire to accommodate each individual specifically. Position sizing is between 2/10th to 4/10th of acct value per trade, 100K acct takes on orders of 20K-40K contract sizes, aggregate of total position sizing will be no more than 2000K for the MP-1 (the position sizing is reflected off of the default trading parameters set forth and may differ depending on investor risk profile)

Trading Conditions:

  • Asset Class – Global currencies, both major and emerging markets.
  • Benchmark – S&P 500
  • Inception Date – January 2014
  • Currency Denomination – USD
  • Minimum Investment amount – $5,000
  • Money Management Fee –2%
  • Performance Fee –30%
  • HIGH Water Mark-Inserted
HIGH Water Mark explanation, to view please click here.
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High Water Mark explained

Hartswell Capital’s strategy are traded on HWM (High Water Mark).below previous High Water Mark level, performance fee will not be charged, as per Terms and Conditions.


This is based on 30% performance fee, without management fee:
You invest 10 000 – your account is up 5% - 500 in profit – 150 is charged in performance fee.
Your new balance is 10 350, and this is also your new HWM.
Next month you are down 3%, no performance fee is charged.
Your new balance is 10 039.50. Your HWM is still 10 350.
This month you are up 10%, your balance are now 11 043.45. And since your HWM was 10 350, your profit which we can charge a fee from is 693,45 (11 043.45 – 10 350). So 208.04 are charged in performance fee. Your new balance is 10 835.41, and this is also your new HWM.

Licensed by the International Financial Services Commission: IFSC/60/147/BCA/16

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