Invest in PAMM

PAMM account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a system that allows trader to manage multiple accounts simultaneously using only one master account.

PAMM system allows investors to improve trading conditions and increase profitability. Managing traders have the opportunity to generate trading volume and increase profitability percentage of the portfolio

Advantages of PAMM Account

  • Automatic distribution of profits among the investors of PAMM account in proportion to the investment amount
  • Absence of non-commercial risks: managing trader uses investments only for trading operations and is not able to withdraw or transfer the funds from the managed account. All trading risks are undertaken by the investor
  • Transparency - MaximusFX provides top of range analytical tools for the investors to analyse and monitor performance statistics of a selected PAMM account, which in turn, aids in the important decision making about the invested capital
  • Minimum knowledge skills - for the investor, it is not necessary to be familiar with trading in the Forex market. All the investor is required to do, is to select a successful PAMM account, deposit funds and start earning profits.
  • Funds - managing PAMM trader with an excellent trade performance, executes transactions as soon as the investment has been made, receiving high return from the investor’s funds
  • Easy and convenient management of the investments - withdrawals and deposits of funds from PAMM account can be done at any moment by the investor
  • Absolute confidentiality - any information about the investor that is not relevant to the investment, remains strictly confidential


Additional Information: MaximusFX is not taking any part in trading on the PAMM accounts as a trader nor as the investor. This given, MaximusFX is not involved in managing the PAMM accounts or investmenting in such account. MaximusFX is only committed to provide the service exclusively of implementing PAMM system for both investors and traders.

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