Weekly Outlook 11th-15th of December, 2017


The launch of bitcoin futures at the Chicago Stock Options Exchange on 10 December attracted a lot of attention of the market, the January futures increased to 17. 780 USD for 1 bitcoin. Before starting, the bitcoin futures corrected to $13,309, the market took profits, as he feared that after the launch, contracts are massively exposed against bitcoin. However, on December 11, the bitcoin rose to 16.850

Last week the EU and Britain have completed the first phase of negotiations which lasted for 7 months. Certain agreements the parties reached at 3 key issues - the r British borders, citizens ' rights and financial obligations. Until the end of 2020 Britain will have to pay contributions to the EU budget, we are talking about an amount of from 45 to 55 billion Euros, that in turn could weaken the pound in the long term.

Tax reform in the United States is developing better than expected, this week will be a coordinating Council Committee of the Congress on this issue, in addition Agency Fitch forecasts GDP growth at 2.5% in 2018, which will be positive for the dollar. 

According to the Chicago Stock Exchange, long speculative positions for Euro rise up to 94 thousand contracts, which characterizes the growth of interest of investors to the currency.

Brent crude rise up to $ 65 per barrel for the first time in 2015, such increase resulting from the closure of the oil pipeline in the North sea, any delay in the delivery of the product lead to an immediate increase in demand.

We present to Your attention a number of news, which in the opinion of the team of analysts of our company will have a significant impact on the volatility of the market this week.


Tuesday 12 December
UK - inflation data
Germany - assessment of the current economic environment of the Institute ZEW,the Indicator is calculated by the Center for economic research (ZEW) on the basis of a survey of leading financial experts, who will give his assessment of the current economic situation in Europe.
US Producer Price Index, inflation report


Wednesday 13 December
Eurozone - the speech of the ECB President Mario Draghi
New Zealand - the price Index for food, 
Australia - consumer confidence , speech by RBA
Germany - inflation data
Japan - the President of the Bank of Japan Kuroda speech.
UK - unemployment data
Eurozone data on industrial production and employment
U.S. data on inflation and the level of oil reserves


Thursday 14 December
Japan - data on investments in foreign bonds and foreign investments into the economy of the country, the level of production
Australia - the growth of consumer prices, unemployment data
China - industrial production, retail sales
Switzerland - the press conference of the Swiss National Bank, interest rate decision 
Eurozone - the index of business activity, the ECB's decision on Deposit and interest rates
UK - retail sales data, BOE meeting
USA - sales data and Jobless Claims, price indices


Friday 15 Dec 
New Zealand - the Index of business activity in the manufacturing sector.
Japan - data on the state of the economy
Eurozone - trade balance 
USA - the Index of business activity in the manufacturing sector, industrial production data