Weekly Outlook 14th - 18th of August, 2017


Weekly Outlook 14th of August – 18thof August 2017

Maximusfx.com Weekly Outlook – The US dollar weakened against a list of major currency pairs on last Friday, upon release of weaker than expected US inflation data as well as expectations for a next interest rate hike through the Fed this year.

The report illustrated according to the Labor Department, US consumer prices raised up 0.1% in July from earlier month and it is important to mention that it was 1.7% on a year over year bias from 1.6% in June.

The data was updated in a twine of weak inflation results that investors concern will make the Federal Reserve further careful on projects ahead to hike interest rate in the same year.

The potentials that rates will maintain at lower tempt to weight on the US dollar through US resources not as much of good looking to yield searching investors.

There was no change on US dollar currency pair against Japanese Yen last Friday, USD/JPY at 108.74 for the day upon increasing slightly to 109.19

The currency pairs are frequently required during geopolitical tightness or market turmoil since countries have large current account surpluses. At the meantime, Great Britain Pound against US dollar strengthened to 1.3008 with 0.24% rise on last Friday.

The Euro currency pair raise to higher level against the dollar, with EUR/USD catching highs of 1.1821. The euro currency pair has strengthened 0.42% and up to date boosted upon Morgan Stanley increased expectations for the currency, forecasting it would approach 1.25 level against the US dollar within following year.

Investors in the financial market turn their attention to a greater chance of a forthcoming illustration of Wednesday`s minutes of the Federal reserve up to date conference in catching hints on the possible schedule of the following US rate hike. Additionally, reports on retail sales will be on attention list.

In the meantime, recent economic illustrations of UK data show that inflation and employment will be in the spot amid raising fears over the economic tumble from Brexit.

Here is the weekly outlook in the financial market by Maximusfx.com categorized as a list that could cause major volatility across currencies   

14th of August, Monday

New Zealand is to announce reports on retail sales

Japan is to illustrate data on primary numbers on the following quarter progress

China is to indicate reports on manufacture data and fixed resources investment.

15th of August, Tuesday

The RBA is to announce on a report on latest monetary policy meeting

Germany is to demonstrate primary date on following quarter progress

Switzerland is to show inflation data results

The UK is to illustrate reports on consumer price inflation

The US is to announce on retail sales and industrial production

16th of August, Wednesday

Australia is to announce reports on employment price index.

The UK is to indicate its employment report bias.

The Euro zone is to publish reviewed data on initial quarter economic progress

Canada is to release data on foreign securities purchases

The US is to announce reports on building permits and house starts

The Fed is to publish in summit of its latest monetary policy decision

17th of August, Thursday

New Zealand is to announce date on producer prices.

Australia is to report its monthly bias employment report

The UK is to indicate retail sales data

The euro zone is to release reviewed inflation data

The ECB is to announce within the minutes of its latest monetary policy meeting

Canada is to announce data on industrial production sales.

The US is to report data on jobless claims and industrial production activity

18th of August, Friday

Canada is to illustrate data on inflation and retail sales

The US is to announce consumer sentiment data.


Prepared by Maximusfx Senior Analyst – Z. Nuriddinov.