Weekly Outlook 26th - 30th of June, 2017


Weekly Outlook 26th-30th of June

Maximusfx.com Weekly Outlook – The US dollar dropped down against a list of major currency pairs on last Friday, indicating biggest drop off in three weeks due to concerns over potential possible interest rate hikes as inflation slow down.

There was surprise in the US economy as inflation was moving according to planned target and Central Bank can wait and follow how the economy progresses before taking any further steps.

The beginning of the last week, there was a rise on US dollar through Fed President speech illustrating a factor that tightening labor market could increase the wages and influence inflation to return from its present pullback.

There was a huge rise on EUR/USD to 0.39% while Great Britain Pound obtained 0.29% to 1.2718. Sterling was arisen through Bank of England policymaker speech claiming that lift off UK interest rates should not be overdue any longer.

It is also necessary to mention as one of the key major currency pairs, the dollar against Japanese yen made slight change at 111.28.

Investors in the financial market turn their attention to a greater chance of a Fed Chair Janet Yellen speech on Tuesday where Federal Reserve creates more clues on forthcoming illustration of further rate hikes.

In the meantime, recent economic illustrations show that Friday’s Euro Zone inflation data and speeches by the central bank moves at the ECB`s forum on Central Banking in Portugal.

Here is the weekly outlook in the financial market by Maximusfx.com categorized as a list that could cause major volatility across currencies   

26th of June, Monday

Germany is to report on its business climate

The US is to announce on Durable goods orders

ECB President Mario Draghi is on annual forum on central banking

27th of June, Tuesday

ECB President Mario Draghi is to give a speech

The UK is to announce on its bi annual financial stability report by the Bank of England

The US is to report on a consumer confidence

Fed Chair Janet Yellen is to give a speech

28th of June, Wednesday

The leaders of the ECB, BoE, Bank of Japan and Bank of Canada are to give a speech at the ECB central banking forum

The US is to report on pending home sales

29th of June, Thursday

The New Zealand is to report on business confidence

Germany is to announce initial data on inflation

The US is to report revised data on initial quarter progress and initial jobless claims

30th of June, Friday

China is to announce reports on manufacturing and service sector activity

Germany is to announce on retail sales.

The UK is to report central current account data as well as reviewed figures on initial 3-month progress.

The euro zone is to report initial data on inflation

Canada is to illustrate monthly data on economic development

The US is to report on personal spending and reviewed data on consumer sentiment.



Prepared by Maximusfx Senior Analyst – Z. Nuriddinov.